There's something bitter-sweet about Brutalist architecture. A new vision of the future, a bold concrete rebellion against the lightness and frivolity early 20th century architecture, brutalist beasts shouted loudly across newly-developing cities their daring message of new communities, all living together harmoniously in streets in the sky.  

Were Brutalist architects misguided?  Soon to become a much-maligned representation of the most bleak and dystopian corners of society, brutalism very quickly fell out of favour with the masses.  Did the stark, looming architecture itself cultivate the very societal demeanour with which it would scorningly become associated?  Did society miss the point and fail to embrace the powerful statement made by ominous swathes of raw material sculpted into menacing geometric monoliths?  

Whilst many stunning Brutalist structures have been tragically lost forever at the hands of short-sighted authorities and greedy developers, in recent times more and more buildings in the style are being protected, resurrected and most importantly: appreciated.

This site aims to document all Brutalist structures across the world and provide a single resource for hardcore fans of Brutalism.  As well as listing every Brutalist structure out there, we aim to gather photos, videos, personal stories and interesting tid-bits of information on each and every one of them.  It's a big project, and we'll need your help with it...