This site has been created by two obsessive fans of Brutalist architecture looking to create a single, central resource for all things Brutalism.  We also know the difference between "brutalist" and "brutal" - an unfortunate and overly-perpetuated misunderstanding which has beleaguered many purists.

The initial build of this site has been a very long, laborious process of list building, image gathering and content writing.  We know we don't have every structure in the world listed just yet, but we'll get there.  In addition to that, we also want rich content, videos, personal stories and anything else we can gather about each and every building listed. We'll need your help for that...

We know that Brutalism has a huge following, from stalwart through-the-hard-times obsessives to newly appreciative followers of the controversial style.  Despite many tragic demolitions over the years, many are now starting to pay attention to Brutalism and buildings in the style starting to be protected, resurrected and most importantly: appreciated.

You only have to briefly scan our Building List to see that the world of Brutalist architecture really does offer up some truly stunning creations, many in more ways than just the aesthetic.  Brutalism had a vision; Brutalism has a vision; perhaps misguided, often misunderstood. Well we love it anyway, rather obsessively in fact, so here it is -  BRUTALISM:ONLINE, your one-stop-shop for dirty great concrete stuff. Enjoy!