Royal National Theatre, London_1So here it is: BRUTALISM:ONLINE, our new baby. After numerous late nights and many many hours of grafting to get the site up and running, we're now faced with the prospect that it has really only just begun.  We know that we probably don't even have 1% of the content that we'd like to have; we know that we're going to get bombarded with content, photos, info etc and that running this place is probably going to take up every last ounce of precious spare time we didn't have left in the first place.

Despite all of that, as we sit back and survey what we've created, we're pretty happy.  We can't wait to start really building up the site with glorious Brutalist content, to attempt to become a major, central resource for Brutalism on the net and develop a buzzy community of like-minded Brutalist obsessives just like ourselves. 

We've got tons planned for the site going forward - apart from just populating our list of buildings and designers and the details therein, we will be bringing you news, features, interviews and loads more to fulfil your deepest and most obscure Brutalist fantasies.  Watch this space!

As well as asking people for content, we'd also love to hear your feedback on the site (good or bad), feature requests, deepest thoughts, whatever you'd like to tell us.

Here's how you can get involved: