Andrew Melville Hall, St Andrews, Scotland_1We've now been live for just over a week and whilst we figured we'd stir up some interest from like-minded Brutalism obsessives like ourselves, we are truly astounded by the amount of engagement we've had, including many many offers of contribution to the site.  This is absolute music to our ears; when setting about this project we knew it would be a huge job and that we'd want to find others to help us, but we're now finding ourselves planning and designing whole new areas of the site to house the volume and diversity of the content we're being offered.

To everyone who has offered to join in - we figure that initially we can classify and handle contributions in the following ways:

1) Information on Brutalist structures and designers

At the core of this project is the job of listing every Brutalist structure we can find out about; in addition to just listing things we want to fill each building's dedicated page with as much rich content as we can get our hands on.  If you have photos, artwork, videos, text content or even personal stories about a specific building or designer, you can send it to us and we'll format it and include it on the relevant page, along with any credits or backlinks as appropriate.  At a later stage we will probably look to recruit site admins who can add and update this sort of content with us, but for the time being we're still finding our feet with the site administration tools so we'll get ourselves established first.

If you have any content of this kind, please send us a message via the Contact Us page and we'll reply with details on how/where to send stuff.  If we use any of your original text or images and need to edit anything we'll always allow you to review/approve before publishing.

2) Columnists - feature articles, blogs and specialist content

We're really excited about this; a handful of people have approached us with some fascinating ideas or info on specialist projects which they're working on. As it stands there's no real home for that sort of thing on the site - this blog is more for our general updates about the site and some features on specific buildings or designers.  So what we're now considering is creating a "Guest Contributors" section (actual name still to be decided on) where we provide a individuals with their own "column" or dedicated blog to which they can post serialised articles on a regular basis.

If you are interested in a guest blog of this kind, please send us a message via the Contact Us page and let us know what you have to offer - we'd love to see any examples you have of the sort of content you'd publish so that we can establish how to place it on the site.  We have at least three potential contributors of this nature already and its not as if we're going to run out of space so the more the merrier!

We'd love to hear from you on either of the above so please GET IN TOUCH!