John Bancroft (28 October 1928 - 29 August 2011) was a British architect noted for his Brutalist designs for the Greater London Council (GLC).

He joined the Architects’ Department of the GLC in 1957 and led the project to build Pimlico School from 1964 to 1970. The building was demolished in 2010 by Westminster City Council.

Bancroft explained the design of the school in a 2008 interview: "I wanted pupils to feel they were part of a community... So I divided the place up into a form of glass screen so you would get views down from the place that you would get views down from the level you were at down into the other parts of the school. And also I wanted to make sure that you could from time to time glimpse the outside so that you would know where you were in the great surrounding community that Pimlico is, and the buildings surrounding it".